Jim is working on his PhD in philosophy at Tulane. His current point of focus rests at the intersection of ethics and epistemology and concerns the question of whether we are morally obligated to have justified beliefs. He is also interested in philosophy of mind and philosophy of science. Though positioned firmly in the Gnu Atheist camp, Jim was raised in the church, knows the Bible backwards and forwards, and feels comfortable citing Scripture in debates with believers. He considers it a point of honor to take opponents at their word and treat their positions seriously. When not teaching at the university, Jim has made a living doing construction work and touring the country as the front-man of various punk bands. His other interests include lifting weights, watching Disney movies, eating breakfast foods, and rescuing damsels in distress.

Twitter: @jimpict


Liza went to graduate school for philosophy at Tulane where she studied ethics and political science. She parleyed that work and effort into a wonderful job at a homeless shelter. Her extensive study led her to become a moral skeptic who feels obligated to take care of the poor and indigent. While questioning concepts such as fairness and desert, she yet struggles to be as generous as possible in her discussions with those who disagree with her. While her long hair often leads to her being mistaken as a Pentecostal, she counts herself squarely as an atheist, though she sometimes laments this fact. In her spare time she cooks and prepares meat dishes for others which she, as a vegetarian, will never taste. She also enjoys walks on the levee and horror movies, the latter dovetailing nicely with her preparation for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

Twitter: @LizaSherburne

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