Happy Birthday to Us

birthday-cake It was one year today that I made the first post on this blog.  Since that time this blog has covered a range of topics dealing with the nature of science, the virtues of “thinking too much,” the problems of vaccine and climate change denialism, various issues surrounding the tension between scientific and religious communities, and much more.  I’ve enjoyed the work I’ve done on here, and I’ve particularly enjoyed working with my blogmate, Liza.  Though we were friends before this endeavor, we’ve grown even closer over the past year to the point that it’s difficult to imagine my life without her in it.  For her friendship, intelligence, and wit I am truly thankful.

I don’t know what kind of readership I hoped to pick up during this time, but I don’t think we’ve done too poorly.  I have a few people with whom I correspond semi-regularly because of this blog, and it’s been interesting hearing their feedback on the topics on which I’ve written.  I hope to continue these relationships and develop others.  I am by no means so arrogant as to think that I know everything.  I know all too well that I could be mistaken on any topic.  For that reason, I have no fears associated with correction, and, indeed, I welcome it.  Dialogue is good, and finding out I got something wrong just means I have a better chance of it right by process of elimination, if nothing else.  So, if you think I screwed up on something, let me know.

Liza and I both plan on continuing our work here for quite some time as well as possible expanding to other projects.  She and I have discussed adding a podcast, and, loosely, it looks like that’s a go.  I’ll say more about that as we get closer to actually getting something out there.

If anyone has any suggestions or requests for topics, just let us know.  You can contact us via Facebook at our fan page listed to the left or individually at our personal profiles which can be reached by clicking on our pictures on the “Authors” page.  Don’t forget to add us on Twitter, either.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading us so far.


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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Us”

  1. Billy B. Says:

    Hi! Where are your posts on vaccine & climate change denial? I’d like to offer you some alternative perspectives… BTW… Happy B’Day!!

    Billy B.

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