CreoZerg: A Day at the Creation “Museum”

Last Friday, August 7, a group of people in or inspired by the Secular Student Alliance all got together and went to Answer in Genesis’ so-called “Creation Museum.” I’ve written about this “museum” a couple of times on this blog (see here and here)  as I, like a casualty vampire passing by a ten-car pileup, just can’t seem to look away from such a horrible mess.  Several of the blogs I follow have touched on the event in some way, and P.Z. Myers of Pharyngula even attended.  You can find several posts about it on his blog, and I strongly suggest you check it out.

I was not there, so I don’t have a lot to contribute.  That said, I think the whole thing is incredibly interesting, so I want to provide everyone reading this with some links so they can check up on this stuff for themselves.  Also, for anyone who cares, I’ve commented on a number of blogs and articles, some of which I’ll link to below.  My username in the comments will either be “Jim,” “jimpict,” or “Jimtheappleeater.”

To get a play-by-play and to find tons of posts, pics, and opinions of how the day and the aftermath went down, I suggest you search the hashtag #CreoZerg on Twitter.

Several videos have gone up on Youtube, and you can find them by searching CreoZerg.

ABC has a story on the event here.

Ken Ham, head of AiG and founder of the “museum” has a post here.  For background on the story of the kid who was asked to leave along with video of the person in question describing that occurrence immediately following the event, check out P.Z. Myer’s post on that here.

For a report on events by someone I can only describe as an angry evangelical (a description I think you’ll find entirely appropriate if you read his other posts, especially the latest), you can look here.

For a remarkably different take on the tone of the visit along with a response to the above post by a Presbyterian minister, go here.

To get a more complete view, I would suggest you take the time to look at all the recent posts on the blogs I’ve linked.  Also, take some time to read the comments to the posts.  I think doing so will give everyone some real insight into the deep fundamental differences in the worldviews represented by the people involved.

EDIT:  P.Z. Myers has a new blog entry that collects a large number of links on this as well as video.  Check it out.

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4 Responses to “CreoZerg: A Day at the Creation “Museum””

  1. thomas2026 Says:

    Thanks for the link! I really appreciate it.

    Jonathan (the presbyterian minister)

    • Jim Says:

      No problem. I’m the “Jim” that posted on your blog yesterday. I think your take on your visit is interesting and dead on, especially your notes on the dualistic attitude demonstrated within the museum and the problems that thinking engenders.

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